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How2 Write Your Author Bio

I know you don't want to brag, but ya gotta do it!

Here’s an example of an author’s bio you can examine:

Laura Thomae Young’s first book, Adulting Like a Boss, was born out of friendships with millennials who stated the need to navigate the grown-up world.

Writing children’s books came out of a vivid imagination that plays day and night.

When she’s not writing, training, or speaking, you’ll find her hanging out at her home in Nashville with her husband, Steve, and their giant labradoodle, Val.

A Few Tips

  1. Include what the reader wants to know.

Maybe it’s a parent reading to a child; what do they want to know about the author of the book they’re presenting to their child?

  1. Interesting facts about you as a human.

Where you live, with your spouse, or your children, or your pets.

  1. Credentials if they’re relative to the book.


If you have a specific background in education or experience which allows you to speak authoritatively to the book’s subject, let the reader know.

  1. Look at other author bios of books in your genre.

Note how long they are, what they include, and the tone of the bio. How would you improve their bio?

Take this information and write your own bio. Have someone who knows you read it over for an honest critique. Don’t take it personally when they offer some advice. You don’t have to take their advice, but it would be best to hear it.

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