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Why It’s Better These Days to Move Away from Traditional Publishing

“I have written a book, but what next? Do I send my book to a ‘traditional’ publisher, or try my hand at indie publishing?”

Some Benefits of Indie Publishing

Most Traditional Publishers are Not Taking Unsolicited Manuscripts

For the new author, it’s very difficult to submit their manuscript or book proposal to a traditional publisher because they have a limited number of books they can publish per year. They want to go with an author who already has a proven following because of the books they’ve already published. They’re thinking: “Why take the chance?”

Indie Publishing is a Much Faster Process

A new manuscript has to run through its paces with a traditional publisher by begin approved by a mass of people and departments. Each person in the chain has her own load to work through as a full-time position. Your book is just the next one in the process. “Yeah, yeah! I’ll get to it soon!”

You, on the other hand, as an indie author, have only one book at a time to worry about. You can move through the process quickly. Next step—no waiting!

Total Control Over Every Step of the Way  

As an indie author, you are the final approver of everything in the book—title, cover, margins, chapter titles, font choices, and all things bookish! All those eyes on your book in the traditional publishing route, don’t have sway over your own preferences. You’re in the driver’s seat!

Higher Royalties  and Total Rights to Your Book

When it comes to “owning” the book and getting paid for the sales, indie authors are in it for the win. Your royalties are in the double digits where authors in the traditional publishing arena are overjoyed to get more than 8% of the sales!

Indie authors also enjoy owning the rights to their own books. They control how the book is used after printing—movie rights and foreign distribution just to name a few.

Some Difficulties of Indie Publishing

Catching Errors in Your Own Manuscript or Illustrations

Practically, after looking at your own manuscript over and over, everything can get a bit jumbled up! It’s important to have a trusted someone to look over your work with fresh eyes; someone able to spot typos and unclear areas in your book.

You wrote it, so it all makes sense to you, but remember—you’re not the end user. Let an “outsider” in for a much-needed perusal to see what the book purchaser might see.

Getting Your Book Laid Out and Formatted Correctly for Printer’s Specifications

Pick up a book off your shelf and thumb through the pages. Notice the size of the book; how it fits in your hands. Look at the front and back covers, and even the spine. Now, open the book and check out the margins, the chapter headings, the choices of font for the different sections. Where is the page number on the book, and the other headings at the top or bottom of the page?

Each of these elements required a decision. Someone had to decide where all those items should go. Once all is decided, some smarty pants had to put them all together in several documents. Then, the printer can use them to make the final physical and digital versions of the book.

Figuring Out All the Steps in the Process

When you look at it closely, sometimes the question “What do I do next?” looms over your head as a new author. “Getting illustrations? Editing my book? Laying it out? Formatting it for the printer?”

“If only someone could coach me through the process?”

When Laura and I started publishing our own books many years ago, we had these same questions. Through trial and (several) errors, we picked our way through the indie-publishing landscape. We’ve published over 15 of our own books, and I’ve helped almost 20 other authors get their books out there.

We know the path to take. Let us help you too.

You write. We’ll do the rest!

Connect with us for more information.

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